Tips To Hire Interior Designers In Mumbai For Latest Interior Work

When you suggest building a new house and new profession business, or remodelling your olden area to attain the ultramodern trends, you might be puzzled about selecting the right mentor for the designing and decoration task. Many people prefer for the suggestions to their colleagues and partners or hunt in thecyber cafefor the purpose to search the contact details of reputable designers in our part of the world.
It is a good idea to appoint an Interior Designer in Mumbai when designing or renovating your house or office. There is a lot correlates with the designing and decorating of a house/office and it can be downright annoying if you do not possess the key skills of designing. In that case, hiring an Expert will prove to be beneficial. However, in order to acquire the desired outcome, you would require to appoint a designer who is competent enough to manage the responsibility. If this is the first time you are in need of a designer, it is common for you to be confused about what factors to consider while selecting a particular designer. Here are some guidelines that would help you get started.
Selecting an Interior Designer in Mumbai is more of a personal affair. It doesn’t matter whether you are designing you’re working area or house; it is a place where you would be spending a good deal of your time. That is why you require making this space convenient, operative, and elegant appealing. Since this is your place, it ought to reflect your style, personality and living standard. Only a professional designer can help you attain the aim and that is who you want to find. Below are some suggestions that you must make while selecting designer and decorator.
Searching on various search engines on the Internet is also a good solution as most of the experts have studied the techniques of attaining themselves in the list of directories of local business. This makes you locate a continuous list of designers and decorators according to your city. But, it doesn’t mean that you will find an appropriate person for attaining your dream designing and decoration task, but Designers in Mumbai are the best option for designing and decoration. Searching an expert designer such as Interior Designers in Mumbai, who can guide you an entire renovation job along with your budgeting consideration that is one of the most challenging tasks.
Professionals select the durable materials; procure best contractors, starts with a proper planning work in order to fulfil the work in very less or pre-determined period and according toyour given budget. They really playa prominent role for making your dream home; they can be a key player to change your dream home ideas into reality for your project.

Interior design in ca a bright reflecting culture

Spirit Interior Design is dedicated to providing our clients and colleagues world class services, many kind of furniture and products as interior decorators in California, Lake tahoe furniture, interior Design in ca, feng shui interior design according their needs with the best possible design experience. The finished product should always be an expression of the owner’s true self; a place where they can relax, find peace or become inspired. We are committed to the ideas and practices of sustainability and green design and work to incorporate these into the balance of the finished product.

In addition to design services, Spirit Interior Design is a dealer for many interior needs and building supplies including:

Eco Timber Hardwood Flooring, American Clay Interior Plaster, Blue Slide Art Tile, Plumbing Fixtures, Lighting, Window Coverings and much more.

The studio maintains a broad portfolio of projects including residential and commercial design, office planning, hospitality, retail and health care facility design. Cathy Nason and her staff believe in environmentally conscious design, working with Feng Shui influence and the spirit of Tahoe integration. The company has often opted to forego the monetary profit to be made in specifying a low-cost overseas import, in favor of staying local and knowing that this lesser impact benefits everyone.

Professional Services Provided:

Jobsite Consult: Evaluate Clients Needs
Kitchen & Bathroom Design
Working with your Architect/ Contractor on Interior Space Planning
Purchasing at 25% off Retail
Feng Shui
Green Design
Installation & Accessorizing
Computer Aided Drawings/Drafting
Lighting Design/Electrical Design
Specification/Design of Permanent Fixtures
Specification/Design of Nonpermanent Fixtures
Color Consulting: Wall Coverings, Faux Finishes
Office Space Planning
Restaurant Design
Project Management
A graduate of the Interior Design Program at the University of California , Long Beach , Cathy Nason has been a professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) for 21 years and is a multiple winner of the “Design Excellence” award by the association. Cathy’s work has been featured in several national and regional publications including Sunset Magazine, Inside Today’s Home, Tahoe Quarterly, Sacramento Magazine and The San Francisco Chronicle. She is registered with the State of California as a Certified Interior Designer and continues to travel extensively to expand her knowledge of the arts and architecture. Her most recent journey was a spiritual pilgrimage through multiple cities of india. Please take a moment to view some of spirit interior design’s featured Articles, Awards and Events.

Most importantly, Spirit Interior Design and Gallery, Inc. recognizes the importance of giving back in order to receive. Please take a moment to view the various families, foundations and ideas we support.

For more details visit us:

Soft furnishing and home furnishing- imparts an elegant look!

Home furnishing and soft furnishing add an elegant look to your home it also reflects your personalities, many companies have designed and developed premium quality fabrics in cotton, silk and linen and these are well known for their designs and color combinations, these items are decorated with beads and tassels which adds a complementary look to this furnishes.

In today’s market home furnishing is a big business, and there are plethora of stores which has a wide variety of stores, choosing the right furnishing depends on your living or bed room it need not be expensive but simple and elegant which suits your budgets could also give a grand look. Home furnishing with soft furnishing adds character and mood to your room; one could go in for a style which suits his taste and lifestyle. But one should also keep in mind that its offers a relaxed and a peaceful setting at your place, but these products available never fail doing so. Soft furnishing includes curtains, draperies, cushions, bed linen and towels. Wide varieties ranging from crochets, silk to cotton are available. Silk offers a rich furnishing fabric which are rare and distinct and adds beauty which is endless. Cotton is one which is simple and can be used in daily for easy use and most comfortable and suitable for children. Choosing the right color and pattern of soft furnishing gives a new look and feel to the room. Jacquard and tapestry give a lavish look, and for table cloth taffeta and damask fabrics can be used. .

Home furnishings are much enhanced through curtains, curtains are to dress up the windows and these are available in wide range, pattern and variety in the market. These companies keeps in mind your privacy, climate prevailing and to give you a relaxed and a comfortable feeling. Dressy drapes gives a lining of another fabric under the curtains to give it an extra body, sheer curtains gives a romantic look to your bed room , velvet is ideal for family and laced curtains creates a fresh and welcome atmosphere at home.

Cushion adds style, choosing the type of cushion depends on the use as if cushions is only for decorative purpose delicate fabrics like silk and muslins are preferred and simple appliqu designs cushions are suitable for daily use and when children are around. At the end of the day, everyone wishes for a cool and comfortable bed. And choosing the wrong type could spoil the whole mood, choosing bed linen and fabric is very important as this should be done by keeping in mind the climate and one style. To suits up your needs the company has wide variety as simple and colorful quilts brighten up your room and adventurous print on it attracts kids a lot.

Stephen Berry is author of of this article and writes article on topics like shopping and sports since a long time. For further details about cushion cover and soft furnishings please visit the website.

Insecurity And Depression Symptoms

Are going to be you depressed or swept away? Perform you recognize a manner to differentiate between lack of confidence and depression? The overall two are not the identical; but they’re typically stuck by many because the same. Insecurity plus Depression Symptoms will be manifested the same actual method by many people who will be affected allowing for either condition. Lack of confidence can lead to depression plus depression can pose timidity to changed into severe, and vice versa.

It is laborious to guage the overall emotional, social and even physical facets of these stipulations to determine whether or now not you’ve got anxiety or depression. Depression is characterised by chemical imbalances within the reasoning faculty that can impact to emotional, physical, plus social conflicts that may be difficult to manage. If you suppose that you are depressed, you’re either manifesting a very little or an exaggerated response to your own perception. Depression can create you to have thoughts from despair that won’t go away, which serves as standard in all kinds from depression. You’ll additionally prove bound doze disorders like insomnia plus different symptoms that makes sustaining deep snooze very difficult. You might additionally experience chronic pain that will be suffered inchone part from your body or all over, even if there is nada physically in.your daily activities that will create such pain. Alternative symptoms of depression are going to be hopelessness, helplessness, worthlessness, guilt complicated, decease from interest activities plus even inability to fancy or expertise pleasure.

Uncertainty in the week the other hand is just one of the general symptoms from depression, which suggests that which if you are anxious concerning a lot from matters, quite often; which your anxiety can cause depression. Timidity signs and symptoms will gift itself in different forms; gentle to severe anxiety. Nonetheless, all of them sorts want medical intervention so as for the reason that it to be corrected prior to it results inchwinds up in more serious mental conditions. Insecurity is said to be a traditional outlook up of trepidation that’s whilst a results of stresses of one’s daily lives. It will be a traditional response to stimuli plus it can additionally become out of hand. Anxiety will create you are feeling unhappy, or even concerned regarding one thing that’s very small or inconsequential.

Timidity plus Depression Symptoms will go hand in.hand. Each can equally harm an individual’s neatly ending up as; while Depression serves as more severe plus insecurity no more heavy, both can similarly disfigure an individual if now not correctly addressed. These two mental conditions are going to be managed differently. Anti-insecurity medicine are going to be completely different from antidepressants, the general chemical imbalances between the general two are very completely different plus that is why interventions concerning these conditions should be specific. If you’re belief over excited about something, do not without delay conclude that you are depressed. Remember that depression can became extreme whereas anxiety serves as typically simply one inchevery of depression’s many symptoms.

When it comes to Insecurity and Depression Symptoms it is often vital to not confuse the overall two. They’re each different plus even handled another way plus separately. Continue to, the most effective thing to try to to serves as figure out a psychotherapist who knows thorough well no matter what insecurity or depression very is. Do not diagnose your own condition. It is easier to deal with what sort of disorder you have if you are diagnosed correctly by an expert.

Online Taxes Meeting Deadlines and Extensions!

No one likes being told what to do. It gets even worse when people tell you when to have what they told you to do done. We face deadlines every day: getting bills paid on time, kids to school, work, and of course filing taxes. The problem with deadlines is they cannot take into account our daily lives and how quickly it can be changed. This makes meeting deadlines sometimes very difficult. Online tax filing is no different, and it also carries a deadline: April 18th for your 2010 return. This is to avoid late fees and gathering interest which will result in more money out of your pocket, which is never a good look. As I said before, our daily activities and responsibilities can get in the way of our deadlines, so what do you do if you can’t get your taxes filed online on time? The answer is simple, and it is getting an extension.

I know it may be shocking to hear that the Internal Revenue Service actually will let you file your return later. These extensions are open for anyone to use to prolong their time electronically filing their taxes. There are two major kinds of extension forms to fill out: form 4868 and form 2688. Each of these forms can help you when crunch time comes and taxes are due to give you a little breathing room instead of pulling your throat out and charging you a bucket of fees. We will go into greater detail on these extension forms and how each one should be used.

Form 4868 is the first type of extension option that you can use. The form is very simple to fill out, having to only put your name, address and social security number. You also have to figure out your tax liability and send in any type of balance you may have. This extension requires you make this payment and cover no less than ninety percent of your tax liability, but you will not have to pay a fee for filing later or any penalty for late payment. You can estimate your tax liability with several tools that can be very helpful in getting an accurate figure. This must be filed by the time your original return is due, around the 15th of April, but it will give you four additional months to file your taxes! You don’t have to provide a reason for this extension which is great if you were just lazy and didn’t bother to complete your return on time. If only more things in life had extensions!

Form 2688 is the second extension you can apply for, but it is a little more tricky to attain. When you complete this form, you receive an additional two months, requiring you to file by no later than the 17th of October. The tricky part about this extension is that you do have to have a reason for filling out this form. However, the IRS is pretty forgiving with your excuse, and as long as it is reasonable and thoughtfully explained you should have no problem getting approved. In the event that your reasoning isn’t up to snuff, the IRS is still very lenient and will all you a few days to submit your income tax return. Still a sweet deal I’d say.

You must pay your tax liability regardless of if you have a great excuse to use either of the extensions or not. Without paying you cannot get an extension. Most websites allow you to request these extensions with a few clicks. Even the most successful people sometimes procrastinate, and everyone needs an extension every once in a while.

Used Furnishing Is Effective Price And Atmosphere Friendly

Individuals who are regularly moving to different locations due to better job possibilities are the one looking for less costly alternatives for providing their house. Used furnishings is recommended by these individuals due to the fact that buying new furnishings shows to be an costly romance for them. The used furnishings is really inexpensive and can save you quantity of money. There are several locations where you can look for for used furnishings in Mumbai. Individuals often get rid of of their old furnishings when they have bought new, particularly if it’s in fine shape. One of the exclusive things about garage purchase is that the client can often deal on the cost with the owner. It is incredibly essential that you should take into consideration the situation of the used furnishings that you are going to purchase since you are going to use for a period of time.

There are several resources in regional places where you will discover excellent used furnishings in Bangalore at low costs. Categorized ads are one of the most common ways for individuals provide their used furnishings on the market. This of course contains off-line magazine like your regional paper or separate newspapers.From there you will discover online magazine by entrepreneurs, used furnishings stores and specialty stores.The most essential thing is to plan a funds. Individual cost is inexpensive, but take a take a step back and look at everything as team to know the real cost.Do not think twice to buy old, as buying used furnishings not only reduces the costs but is also environment-safe choice.

After looking for free furnishings and looking at the regional rummage revenue, you may want to try financial stores. Garden revenue are another way to get great furnishings at greatly great deals.While you will be shelling out a bit more for products at aneconomic shop than at rummage revenue, the costs are still affordable. Plus, if you buy from a music shop which allows assistance a charitable organisation that is always a plus! If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, then of course you can look for your regional newspapers and even on-line websites that focus on your area. You will definitely pay more buying from these resources, but almost always the excellent is remarkable.In order to evaluate the costs of the biggest significance because it gives you the best deal. Look around the stores providing used furnishings in Delhi on the market.

Unique Interior Design Ideas For A Tea Cafe

Opening up a new Tea Caf and stuck for Interior design ideas? Then you have found the right article. Taking ideas from around the world and throughout history you will be sure to find an idea or inspiration for your own tea caf Interior design.

Tea and tea cafes have a long history as people have been drinking and enjoying tea for centuries so your interior design options are open to many possibilities. Some of our tea caf interior design suggestions are:

Create a tea inspired forest from walls covered in rain forest landscapes to tea leaves actually growing in your tea caf. Allow your forest inspired interior design reflect the natural environment of tea and give visitors a unique and tea inspired experience
Collect tea tins from around the world and fill your shelves will them. Interior design that is inspired by a true passion for a product will send an authentic and honest message to visitors who may also share this passion.
Adorn your interior walls with a tea timeline highlighting major tea events like the first tea caf, the Boston tea party and how tea was introduced to the world. Tea has a long and fascinating history which will entice your clientele back so that they can read more about it.
Fill your tea caf walls with framed images of famous tea drinkers. Your visitors will love identifying with their favourite celebrities, especially if they like the same type of tea.
Research traditional Interior design from the worlds famous tea growing regions and their tea cafes. India, China and Japan are all great tea growers and drinkers and you may be inspired by their tea caf culture.

When thinking about the interior design of your tea caf the most important question you need to ask yourself is What sort of atmosphere do you want to create? Once you know the answer to that question you should be able to create your interior design quickly and easily.

Crown Commercial Group are experts in Interior design and fitouts in the restaurant and caf industry. When it comes to your tea caf interior design you need the help of experts and no one will know your industry more than the people at Crown Commercial Group. So whatever it is need an interior design job done for a tea caf, a coffee shop, a general caf or restaurant call Crown Commercial Group now on Ph: 1800 771 776 or contact them via their website at They will help you create the tea caf of your dreams, so dont waste any more time, call them now

The Leading Positive Aspects Of Purchasing Home Furnishing On The Internet

Dishwashers were initially in the properties of the wealthy, with numerous of us wondering when we would be able to afford such a convenience. By shazhaoyang : A how to tutorial about The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Poem Analysis, The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Poem Concepts, The Dishwasher Vampire Smile Level Up Rapidly, Gaming with step by step guide from shazhaoyang. Hence, you can acquire in-sink dishwashers that might run tiny loads in significantly less time, and it is a great alternative if you want to rapidly wash your dirty glasses. Functions like adjustable tines and racks and movable cutlery baskets can boost washing efficiency, as will proper loading. This advanced sensor will literally detect if there is a leak within the dishwasher and then inform you by way of an alarm. Step 3 – Check Spring Take away the detergent dispenser lid with the screwdriver and examine the spring on the hinge. He installed the retrofit heater kit, place the machine back with each other, and by two:00 he was done.

Incredible how science has offered us and our life style so a lot of useful discoveries which not only save our energy in the hectic schedules; but also our time. Bear in mind Bosch are a frequent look in the Which? This dishwasher is accessible in white on white or black on black colour schemes so it will match your kitchen dcor. You purchased a industrial property in a busy part of town, kitted out the joint, hired your staff and did every thing else that was on that extended list of factors to do. Telephones dishwashers are really tiny which is very good if you do not have considerably space to place So if the kitchen is limited, so you may consider the smallest dishwasher 18 inches rather of the regular model a lot more. You just need some guidelines to support you, right here is the way to unlock Achievables Bead in The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile. This is time consuming, due to the fact I’ve completed them manually in the previous.

1 sensor checks load quantity or how several dishes are in the point and can tell the distinction amongst plates and pots. Soaking cooked-on food from pots and pans will save water due to the fact they will wash considerably less difficult-don’t be tempted to scrape them below running water. This is a excellent time to fix something that requirements your focus. Monitor the settings and make the adjustments needed if needs be. precisely where in European countries normal dishwasher size is 60 cm. But, if you’ve never owned one particular of these appliances, you could be questioning what all the fuss is about. These units help in collecting food residue.

10 points for you! Now you won’t have to worry about spreading that pesky cold on to your household. This model has two arms but we are only two individuals living here so that wasn’t an crucial situation for us. These portable standalone dishwashers come in various sizes, with a width of 24″ and 18″. If you are searching for all body shop discount codes here then a great website to find that is Body shop voucher code at for your coupon needs One of the main areas in any house that has appliances and other stuff jostling for space is the kitchen, which is why it becomes critical to know what the stats for these merchandise are.

Coming in at an amazingly quiet 49db, this machine is equipped with a tub capacity of holding a maximum of 14 dish sets that can accommodate five pieces each and every. Run dishwasher on the hottest setting. Life Support for the Goose

The art of taxation consists in so plucking the goose as to obtain the largest possible amount of feathers with the smallest possible amount of hissing.” Jean Baptiste Colbert

You’ve heard about the goose that lays the golden eggs? You know, the eggs we’ve been spending faster than they’ve been appearing for the past forty years.

Birds and eggs aside, real wealth rises from our ability and willingness as a country and a people to create genuinely useful products, adding to the general prosperity. Wealth creation has been having a bad day for the last forty years, and we’ve finally gotten to the point where it’s on the endangered species list. Insufficient wealth creation means a dim future for us all.

America was built on some basic ideas, a number of which were intended to facilitate wealth creation, and thus a prosperous society. For example, the idea that you should be able to own or have things without them being taken away arbitrarily. The idea that you should be able to have and enjoy the results of your hard work. The idea that people could be free and could govern themselves. The idea that the role of government should be limited, and mostly oriented toward supporting those things which facilitate a free and prosperous society. These are all part of the American tradition which allowed those geese to lay all those wonderful golden eggs, the same geese now on life support.

Certainly you’ve noticed oddities in the financial world recently, such as unfathomable sums of “new money” created out of thin air and added to the national debt in what was promoted as an attempt to hold off a collapse of the banking system. There’s also the utter bankruptcy of many state and local governments, California being a prime example. I’ve mentioned and commented about these things before. Here’s a new one; a recent report from the trustees of the Social Security system reveals that total federal income and payroll taxes will need to almost double, and do it now, in order to pay for all the promises we’ve made with the Social Security system. Doubling all income and payroll taxes now.

It’s painfully obvious that tax revenues are going to have to increase mightily to even begin to come close to covering the debt we’ve created. Well, that introduces a couple of problems. For one, income taxation, especially heavy income taxation, tends to drive profitable productive activities out of business. Anyone doubtful can look at what happened to the industrial base of this country, most recently exemplified by GM and Chrysler. They couldn’t afford to run their plants, pay their staff, provide a decent return to their shareholders, pay their corporate income taxes and invest heavily in new facilities, new technologies, and such. The money which a successful business would have used to replace old facilities or invest in new facilities or technologies went to tax. Thus, we got stuck with old plants and old technologies which could not compete on the world stage, and which have now been, or are being, abandoned. We have a whole wide area of America that used to be alive and vital but is gradually turning into an economic desert where the only remaining jobs are low paid, or in the “health care” (actually sick care) business. Look at Detroit, or any of the other manufacturing centers of the Northeast or Midwest; we’re changing from a nation that was the engine of the world to a nation of enfeebled, drug-using hypochondriacs who depend on the reserves of foreigners to sustain our lifestyles.

Another unhappy fact is that most folks really don’t want their taxes to double, and might even revolt if this were done. So your representatives are working hard to find a way to get more juicy revenue without having to raise your taxes too much, or too obviously. How to do this? Well, they’re starting to implement something similar to “sin taxes,” except that we’ll all be sinners now. The general idea is to impose a heavy, complex, and convoluted tax structure, then penalize anyone who fails to comply with some dark corner of this sticky mess. The PR idea is that you can assess these heavy penalties because, after all, that person failed to comply with the law. That’s the sin; failing to comply. Of course, the fact that it’s incredibly difficult to comply with every single rule out there is overlooked. So, the government gets to raise lots of new revenue in the form of penalties and interest on the penalties (and penalties on the penalties, and interest on the penalties on the penalties, ad nauseam). Even better, if anyone protests, they can trot out their spokesmen to talk about stamping out the “underground economy,” making sure that everyone pays their fair share, and so forth. After all, they say, you were wrong; you failed to comply; you deserved to be penalized.
Unfortunately, if you penalize the goose too heavily, take away too much of its feed, pluck too many of those feathers, the goose may just roll over and give up. Without some help, the future looks dim.

We handle a lot of tax audits, and that’s how we observe things going. Would you be willing to state that you understand all the laws, regulations, rulings, procedures, and doctrines of tax law as it has to do with you and have applied them in full? Anyone? Well then, I guess you deserve to be penalized. Once the IRS contacts you, you may find yourself answering questions like, “How does total penalties equal to 50% of your total tax burden sound? If you don’t like that, maybe 75% would be more like it….” Believe it or not, your government, in its haste to raise revenue, is taking on the color of an enemy.

How You Can Protect Yourself

The news is not all bad. Fortunately, this tax system is built on a foundation laid many years ago, back when ideas like fairness, due process under law, and protecting the rights of each citizen were given more than just lip service. As such, there are protections imbedded in the system that you can use if you know about them and know how to use them.

While there’s way too much tax law (and regulation, and case law, and doctrine, and procedures) to expect any one citizen/goose to actually know, there are some basic principles which you should always follow, because if you do, it puts you in a position where you can take advantage of those protections. To the degree you don’t do these things, you open yourself up to trouble as regards taxes, interest, penalties, interest on penalties, penalties on interest….oops, sorry. You open yourself up to getting a really huge bill from IRS.

Here’s what you must do.

File your tax returns on time. “On time” is considered to include valid extensions. But don’t forget to file or extend, because the penalty for late filing gets really big, really fast. And don’t blow off filing just because you don’t have the money to pay. The penalty for late filing is ten times as high as the penalty for late payment. We can almost always work out some sort of payment arrangement, but a late return is usually not fixable.

Always report any and all your income, whether reported to you or not. Even if the report is incorrect, it can be corrected on the tax return. The IRS computer system is set up to crosscheck all income reported to your social security number from all sources against your tax return. Any errors or omissions on the return start a ball rolling which will probably end up costing you money to handle or pay or both. Also, if you omit substantial amounts of income, or even worse, omit income with bad intent, you lose much of the protection offered by the statute of limitations.

Be able to document it all. Keep your records. Keep those bank statements, copies of canceled checks, credit card bills, and so forth. Make sure your records can be clearly understood by someone other than yourself. One of the interesting characteristics of this tax system is that the IRS is presumed correct in its determinations unless you can prove them wrong. Get that? Whatever they say, no matter how outrageous, is right unless you can prove it wrong. And the word “prove” in that use means just exactly that. It doesn’t mean “say” or even “say really sincerely” or even “show.” It means prove with clear and convincing evidence. Oh, and your word isn’t worth much as evidence because citizens, well, have been known to lie when it comes to taxes. Only documents really count, and they have to show pretty clearly what happened.

Not all expenses were created equal. Some expenses, the sort that people actually like to spend money on, require more documentation than usual. The most notable examples are use of a vehicle for business, travel expenses, meal or entertainment expenses, and charitable donations. For vehicle use, you have to be able to show the total number of miles driven in a year, and of these, how many were related to business. That’s all. A day book or computer calendar program showing the number of business miles driven daily is adequate to prove business mileage. For business travel, be able to show that the primary purpose of the trip was for business. If you travel in the U.S. that, and the proof of the expense itself, is all you need to show to make the travel expenses deductible. With meals and entertainment expenses, you have to be able to show not only proof of the expense, but also who you saw and what business was discussed. For charitable donations, you need an annual acknowledgment letter or statement or receipt from the recipient organization. A canceled check or credit card bill alone is not enough for donations. Donations for which some return benefit was received (like a service, or participation in a golf tournament, or a fundraising dinner) require a special kind of letter. Without all this extra data, these kind of expenses can be disallowed.

Keep the sort of records the IRS expects from you. If you have or run a business, the presumption is that you’re going to be a bit more professional in your record keeping than Joe Average. In fact, they might even expect you to keep “books.” If you don’t know how to keep books, get a decent bookkeeper, or get some help sorting it out. Lack of adequate records (or poorly kept records) is probably the single largest reason folks lose tax cases.

Don’t ignore mail from the tax man. They are required to give you warning before taking certain (unfriendly) actions. If you ignore the warnings, bad things can happen. Tax collectors in this society are very powerful and can take almost everything you have if you give them a reason, so don’t. If you don’t know what to do about the notices, get a competent professional to assist. They can help you navigate through the situation.

Don’t lie or cheat on your tax returns. It’s one thing to take a position in good faith which might be controversial, it’s another to just lie. It’s the 21st century, and they have ways. Lying or cheating might work for a while, but sooner or later you might get “that” notice in the mail, and your life goes to hell.

Don’t try to hide, they have computers. It might work for a while, but there’s a good chance they’ll catch up, and when they do….

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t show up at your tax advisor’s office urgently seeking help the day before a deadline. Tax agencies are notoriously slow to respond to communication, and you might not have time to do what’s needed and get the government to notice that before your assets start disappearing (or even worse, criminal charges start appearing). Sometimes it just takes time to get your data and strategy together and to get the government to understand that you really want to comply. Try to get the jump on a tax problem before it jumps on you.

Don’t try to resolve any but the simplest of tax issues with tax agencies on your own. I hate to say it, but sometimes tax agencies seem to attract and hold onto the antisocial as personnel. There’s nothing some of these boys like better than to rip up a defenseless citizen who doesn’t know the rules of the game. There are lots and lots (and lots) of rules (some of which make great traps for the unwary), so be willing to get and pay for a competent professional to represent you and your interests if the situation goes anywhere past “easy.”

Not all tax professionals are the same. There are all sorts out there just plain (unenrolled) tax preparers, CPAs (certified public accountants), enrolled agents, tax attorneys. Each tends to specialize in something different (with exceptions, of course). The level of experience of any one practitioner can also make a huge difference. Tax law is ungodly complicated, and it takes years to get to know it passably well. Unenrolled preparers are at their best doing simple tax returns cheaply. CPAs are accountants, which is not the same as tax experts. They tend to specialize in handling books and financial statements, and do taxes as an “add-on.” Tax attorneys litigate, meaning they handle cases in court, or those which might end up in court. Enrolled agents tend to prepare somewhat more complex returns and handle the nuts and bolts of everyday representation before tax agencies (tax audits, collections, and such). They do nothing but taxes and work with tax agencies on a daily basis, and they tend to be the most experienced when it comes to knowing the ins and outs of dealing with tax agencies. Having said all this, every person is different. It’s up to you to size up what you need and see who’s right for the job.

The IRS is not always right. Our office sees lots of notices sent to taxpayers that are just plain wrong. Also, lots of times tax auditors will take stupid or aggressive positions on things because their bosses are pushing them to raise revenue. When these things happen, a firm and competent defense is needed to preserve your interests; otherwise, you’ll get run over by the bureaucracy. This principle also applies to what goes on a tax return. Sometimes, tax law is unclear as regards how it applies to a particular set of facts or circumstances. You could be justified in taking a position that the IRS might not agree with. However, it’s part of the job of your tax preparer to analyze and evaluate the position and advise you accordingly. Assuming the position is not frivolous and has a reasonable chance of success, the final decision is yours.

Don’t mess with payroll taxes. If you’re an employer, or in a position of responsibility for an employer, make sure the payroll taxes are paid. These things do not go away, are collected ruthlessly, and can be assessed personally against anyone involved who bore any responsibility for their payment (or lack thereof), even if that responsibility was only on paper. Also, the penalties for late payment of these taxes are just horrendous and can double a debt fairly quickly. Our suggestion is to just make it your policy to pay the taxes right along with the payroll each time payroll is issued, and make sure the returns are filed on time.

Don’t panic. If you’ve followed this advice, you should be defensible, even if you owe them some uncountable sum you can’t pay. Just get a good tax person to help you through the mess. There are numerous solutions and protections available to you and your tax advisor, and something should work to handle, or at least minimize, the damage. Having said this, you should not expect a tax advisor to work miracles; for example, if you forgot to report some income and the IRS spots it, you’re probably going to have to pay. However, a good advisor can not only minimize the penalties and fees, but can also help you get a payment deal you can actually live with.

Finally, the most important thing is, live! As long as you do these things, a good tax advisor can keep you out of most tax trouble. At that point you, Mr. or Ms. Goose, should feel free to go about your business without having to fear irrational demands for more and more of your feathers. Create jobs, create wealth, do whatever it is that you do, get back to laying a few golden eggs, and do it without trembling fear of the tax bogeyman. We all need you to do this. Otherwise, America will continue its downhill slide and take with it a substantial chunk of the light that this ol’ world depends on.

How to Set Up a Freshwater Aquarium

How to Set Up a Freshwater Aquarium Clifford Woods


Putting together a freshwater aquarium does not need to become a headache. You just have to acquire the proper materials and follow a few basic steps and in a short time you will have a fantastic looking aquarium that is appropriate for your fish.

There are a few things you should be aware of with a freshwater aquarium arrangement however; there are some responsibilities involved.

To begin with, there is the price factor. You will have the one time expense of putting it together, and after that you will be purchasing various maintenance products as well as fish food.

You will also have to care for it regularly; at the very least, feeding the fish, and then just about every couple weeks or on a monthly basis you will be doing some sort of maintenance. It really is just like owning any other pet, the more affection you give them, the more gratifying it will be.

Below are some suggestions for setting up your freshwater aquarium:

The dimensions of tank which you select will be based on the amount and size of fish that you would like to maintain. You cannot have fish that are congested, or a tank which is too large. The easiest method would be to begin with a ten gallon aquarium and then stock it with little fish which do not grow too big. As you become a little more knowledgeable, you may test out various other types of fish along with a larger aquarium.
Search for a spot to keep the fish tank that is secure and protected. It should be out of the reach of children and other pets that may disturb it. If it is too close to a window that allows direct sunlight, this may boost the temperature of the water. An excessive amount of direct sunlight ensures that you will have to do more algae control.
Evaluate the equipment needed. Filtration systems are diverse and are all priced differently. A few fish also generate far more waste as compared to others and they’re going to require unique types of filtration systems. When thinking about a heater, make sure you take the size of your tank into consideration. In addition, you will also need to give some thought to substrate, vegetation, along with any other accessories you will be placing into the aquarium.
Rinse the fish tank with warm water and rinse each of the parts which will go in there at the same time. Avoid using soap as this is not considered to be good for your fish. Install your filter as soon as your parts and aquarium are thoroughly clean.
Rinse the gravel in clean water along with the other accessory you have for your freshwater aquarium. The substrate must be flushed extensively and you can do this using an appropriate strainer.
After you have all of this setup, now you can put in the water. Water needs to be at room temperature and de-chlorinated.
Put in the heating unit and wait for about fifteen minutes for the temperature setting in the heating unit to adjust to the water temperature.
Now you wait. You must allow the tank to undergo a complete nitrogen cycle before adding fish. You will recognize when ready whenever you observe the water is becoming cloudy; usually after a couple of days.
Finally, put in your fish. You need to let the fish gradually adjust to the change before you put them in. Follow the instructions from the fish shop on how to go about doing this.

To keep your aquarium clean, you’ll want to use an organic probiotic solution that completely gets rid of the main cause of bacteria. The probiotics in such a solution will also greatly enhance the life of your plants and fish. Chemicals are not recommended. —

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