Baby Toys Overview Fisher-price Ocean Wonders Aquarium


The arrival of an infant is a life-changing circumstance, in particular for new parents. I remember when our baby girl Jaina was born, and how we were pleased and apprehensive all at one time. It was necessary for us to make sure to do everything the exact right way, to give our wee one the best possible start. Now, three children later, we are significantly more calm, though not any less fulfilled. All of our kids, Jaina, Louis and Olivia, are satisfied and well. To provide them the perfect start, we tried to be quite careful regarding the toys we purchased for them. Over the years, we’ve discovered that toys from industry mogul, Fisher-Price are among the safest and most fascinating we’ve encountered. One of the manufacturers baby toys we especially approve of is the Ocean Wonders Aquarium.

Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 stars

Primary Aspects:

This is an incredible toy aquarium with a variety of integral motions and noises that will amuse and fascinate any baby. We have also discovered that it’s perfect at soothing your infant to rest. The variety of sound effects offers falling rain, ocean waves and a babbling brook. The toy attaches without trouble on the side of a crib, but must be fastened inside the little one’s arm span, because all the excitement begins with a simple push of the blue button on the base. Afterwards, the child sees and hears an attractive variety of lights and sounds intended to relax her or him serenely to sleep.

Price: About $20.00 at US big-box outlets such as Home Depot

Product Description:

Even the pickiest baby is going to be calmed to sleep beside this toy. Your baby will see large and little fish and play a game of peek-a-boo with a charming crab. The selection of features embraces soothing, gentle music, wafting seaweed, soft lights and bouncy little bubbles. The toy features a remote control that permits parents to resume the display without interrupting the baby. There are 5 charming tunes, 3 aquatic sounds and a blend of all 8. It’ll play continually for 18 minutes. The toy will hook on nearly all ordinary cribs, and the battery is able to be changed out when it’s already hooked up. The Ocean Wonders Aquarium needs 3 C batteries, the remote control requires 2 AAA batteries. We propose that you always keep spares on hand, because our youngsters always took pleasure in hearing it when they were infants.

Additional Item Information:

It’s not hard to get your baby started on enjoying the classics, because the Ocean Wonders Aquarium incorporates music from Mozart and Bach. While the baby gets older, it becomes a simple matter to get rid of the mobile part, leaving just the tender music and a relaxing night light. This toy is suitable for children up to 36 months. After we first put it up for Jaina, she could not quit looking at it, yet shortly fell serenely asleep. As simple as that! Just don’t forget to reset it after 18 minutes, though you’re most likely not going to be required to. When looking for baby toys, make sure to keep in mind the Fisher-Price Ocean Wonders aquarium. Highly suggested.